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Overcoming challenges and finding opportunity

We all learned a lot during the shutdowns of 2020. I saw the impact and felt the fear firsthand as a small business owner here in Jefferson County. In fact, I saw the heavy hand of government when the sheriff tried to shut down my golf course - even though outdoor sports like golf were exempted (and even encouraged) by the governor. I am thankful for the support of my customers, families and friends during this time. But where there are challenges, there came opportunities. It allowed us to change laws in this state that underscored how small businesses like mine could operate to diversify their business models and that the sky didn't fall when we changed the way we allowed the hospitality industry, like restaurants, to operate. It's hard to acknowledge that it took the tragedy of the COVID shutdowns to force this change... but thankful my fellow lawmakers took the opportunity to change antiquated laws. You can listen to my floor speech here:

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